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About Us

At the top

Genesis is owned and operated by Anthony Mrakas. With over 16 years in the food business, Anthony has established himself as the complete marketing chain to help restaurateurs. 

With hundreds of customers and contacts, Anthony can help guide you on to the path of personal success.

The Family

Not just contacts, it's a family event!

The close knit family unit has been involved in the following:

-Food Service


-Chain restaurants 

Truly, we have been involved in all aspects of the restaurant business and look forward to helping you.

The Business

The essence of Genesis is sifting through your needs and doing our best to bring you to a new level of success. The facts are, you are busy and you need the help to no longer be cheated out of money. You need people around you that you can trust. 

Call us and let's talk.


Restaurant Consultation and implementation from Idea to Reality.

You have an idea... You can cook... You love food...

You realize that's not enough.

The restaurant business is one of the most difficult businesses around. The life span of newcomers is less than one year. It's usually because of the same conflicts owners face. We look to help evolve a concept, or use one of our own, to help the restaurateur become successful.


Plan to paper and paper to reality

The idea that once lived only as a dream can become reality. Using our string of contacts, we can begin to have form, structure and success. The blueprint can be fulfilled. All successful business owners surround themselves with like minded individuals. You can do the same . 


Don't be alone

We provide the ability and know how to promote your brand and concept. A marketing plan can be prepared and even put forward on your behalf. Creating a connection to your customer is key. Being at the forefront of this process will create the consistent interaction you are looking for. 

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The Genesis Hospitality Group

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